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  • Please credit CherryVanilla, if you use any graphics or resources.
  • You are not allowed to remove the credit link from free designs.
  • Don't use my designs to copy parts of it or make something new out of it by combining and mixing them.
  • No directlinking (ILLEGAL!). Upload everything on your server.
  • Don't change my graphics and claim them as yours.
  • It is strictly prohibited to make your own resources out of brushes, textures or templates.
  • No commercial use.

  • Additional:

  • Don't copy anything from CherryVanilla's source code. If you need coding tips: anesa987[at]web[.]de AND NO: I will not make your design, this is your job. I'll only help you if you got a trouble where you can't fix a problem or don't know how to realize an idea of yours.
  • Only headers, signatures, icons, banner and splashes may be lablled.
  • Backgrounds of CherryVanilla's main layout (for example the those in the info boxes) are not made for anyone other than CherryVanilla itself.

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