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  • Please credit CherryVanilla, if you use any graphics or resources.
  • You are not allowed to remove the credit link from free designs.
  • Don't use my designs to copy parts of it or make something new out of it by combining and mixing them.
  • No directlinking (ILLEGAL!). Upload everything on your own server.
  • Don't change my graphics and claim them as yours.
  • It is strictly prohibited to make your own resources out of brushes, textures, patterns or templates.
  • No commercial use.

  • Additional:

  • Don't copy anything from CherryVanilla's source code. If you need coding tips: contact me AND NO: I will not make your design, this is your job. I'll only help you with minor problems, that you cannot fix or if you don't know how to realize an idea of yours.
  • Only headers, signatures, icons, banner and splashes may be lablled.
  • Backgrounds of CherryVanilla's main layout (for example this one in this box) are not made for anyone other than CherryVanilla itself.

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